"The play done, we to White Hall; where my wife staid while I up to the Duchesse’s and Queen’s side, to speak with the Duke of York: and here saw all the ladies, and heard the silly discourse of the King, with his people about him, telling a story of my Lord Rochester’s having of his clothes stole, while he was with a wench; and his gold all gone, but his clothes found afterwards stuffed into a feather bed by the wench that stole them." Samuel Pepys’ Diary for Wednesday 2nd December, 1668.
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My picture I cannot change as others do
John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester was a poet, playwright and self-confessed cynic of the Restoration era. He lived just thirty three short years (1647 - 1680) but in that time he got into more trouble and annoyed more people than most of the courtiers put together.

He is mostly famous for his rather excellent and often hilariously filthy poems.

This blog is therefore dedicated to the life and antics of this brilliant but also absurd gentleman.

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